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Coastal Rail Scales strives to be everything our customers are looking for in their railroad scale certification provider. If there is anything we can do to make the process smoother or easier for our customers, we want to know! Please consider filling out either our Market Research Survey, for potential customers or our Customer Satisfaction Survey, for current customers. 



 Coastal Rail Scales’ units are completely mobile, utilizing two tractor trailers and a crane to transport the certified weights and test cart. Coastal is licensed to perform railroad scale certifications in Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas and Mississippi, following National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Handbook 44 and AAR.

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 Coastal will test your railroad track scale with our combined 80,000 lbs. weights and test cart. Upon passing and completion of the test a certificate of calibration will be provided to the customer.

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 Pricing for static and in-motion railroad scale testing is based on number of units and difficulty of access for each. Coastal will provide a quote upon request. Once a quote and date are agreed upon and a PO is received Coastal will coordinate with your local state agency and your servicing scale company, if they are required to be present, to conduct and witness the test.

Weights Calibration 


Cart Calibration 


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